Wedding - Carone & Patrick

- Wedding - Carone & Patrick -

This was a really special wedding to photograph.

We're always amazed at the different places we go to photograph weddings. From churches and large stately homes, right through to the slightly more obscure. Photographing Carone and Patrick’s wedding day reminded us of what is important at a wedding. Love.

Carone was very ill in hospital, had been for some time, and had finally got the date through for an operation that could help her out in a big way. She was told that the operation would be in 9 days time, so they discussed the risks associated with the procedure and looked at the benefits and decided to press ahead. It was then that Patrick proposed!

Everyone pulled together to plan a wedding in ONE WEEK!

As Carone was very poorly, the wedding was held in the ‘quiet room’ on the hospital ward. The majority of the family only found out the day before and dropped everything to go to the hospital to be part of their emotional day.

It was possibly the most unusual place we'll ever photograph a wedding, but it was probably one of the most beautiful, emotional days we’ll ever experience.

Carone had the operation the day after, and I’m told it was a big success, which I couldn’t be happier about. I wish them both all the happiness in the world.

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