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- Photographing a product from conception to completion -

It's rare that we get to work with a product from the idea stage, all the way through to the end, but that's exactly what we got the chance to do with this project. We met one of the artists working on the project at the home of Lord Scarborough, who very kindly donated 6 logs of oak for him to turn into large candlesticks. These are to be auctioned off alongside some metal ones produced by a different artist, to raise money for the Cathedral Archer Project, a great homeless charity based in Sheffield.

Once the candlesticks were finished we met up with Jade from the Archer Project to photograph them with our portable studio. The large oak candlesticks were fairly straight forward to light, but the metalic ones posed great challenges due to reflections. With the use of two strobes, a lot of dark fabric, a grey colorama, (and a bit of photoshop) we managed to capture the candlesticks in all their glory.

 - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-1.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-10.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-11.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-12.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-13.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-14.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-15.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-16.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-17.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-2.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-3.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-4.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-5.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-6.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-7.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-8.jpg  - ArcherProject_Candlesticks_Prep_WEB-9.jpg  - ArcherProject_candlesticks-1.jpg  - ArcherProject_candlesticks-2.jpg  - ArcherProject_candlesticks-3.jpg  - ArcherProject_candlesticks-4.jpg  - ArcherProject_candlesticks-5.jpg  - ArcherProject_candlesticks-6.jpg  - ArcherProject_candlesticks-7.jpg  - ArcherProject_candlesticks-8.jpg  - ArcherProject_candlesticks-9.jpg
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