Portraits - Head Shots

The portfolio of work on display at VeryCreative.org is becoming heavily weighted towards events, with a small scattering of other work. That isn't necessarily a conscious decision, it just happens to be the majority of work we get. That being said, we do provide other types of photography, and recently provided some head-shots for a few clients. This is a relatively new avenue for us to explore and we hope to add more work to this gallery in the future, but in the meantime you can see some of our favourite shots so far, below. 

 - Head shots James Gough.jpg  - Head shots Michael_Labour-5.jpg  - Head shots Shaun 25.jpg  - Headshots Catrin 45.jpg  - Headshots Divya 15.jpg  - Headshots Mat 1.jpg  - Portraits - Des Yankson-1.jpg
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